Managed Competition : Insurance Co. Boondoggle

Friday, April 9, 1993   |   Posted by Jim Hightower
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Eleanor Roosevelt said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." One of the great dreams of the Clintons -- Bill and Hillary both -- was for a new health care system for America, providing comprehensive and improved care for all of us. But that dream is fast spiralling -- down and down -- into a nightmare as the Clintons turn from beauty and embrace . . . bureaucracy! The nightmare focuses on an oxymoron called "managed competition," which herds consumers and doctors alike into a netherworld of health maintenance organizations doling out a basic package of standardized treatments. At the head of this diabolical bureaucracy? Not Bill and Hillary, not our government. Our nemisis is to be put in charge, the consumer's worst nightmare: INSURANCE COMPANIES. Jim Hightower . . . somebody wake me and tell me this isn't happening.
Jim Hightower saying, if you find you've dug yourself into a hole, the very first thing to do is quit digging. Common sense.

Well everyone knows our country's in a deep health-care hole, having left the matter of coverage up to the whim of private insurance companies that cut-off millions of us while pocketing billions from the system.

But commonsense seems to be a foreign tongue to Clinton's team of health policy "experts" . Instead of focusing first on the needs of us consumers and taxpayers out here, they start with the needs of insurance companies.

Clinton's "managed competion" is a jerry-rigged scheme that guarantees these cumbersome, arrogant, unnecessary bureaucracies remain part of the system -- sucking $80 Billion a year out of our pockets. It even elevates their role, making them the organizers and arbiters of the care we get.

For us consumers to go along with this arrangement is as silly as a flock of chickens hitching a ride with Col. Sanders.

Insurance companies aren't needed at all in health care. A single-payer tax-paid system would save about half of the $80 Billion we now pay the insurance companies, cover everyone without deductibles or rationing, and let us choose our own doctors.

This is Jim Hightower asking the Clintons to remember Eleanor Roosevelt . . . and return to the beauty of your original dreams.


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