Clinton's New Clothes

Friday, February 19, 1993   |   Posted by Jim Hightower
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I m a Clinton partisan campaigned and gladly voted for him. I wanted to stop Bush and the pain of his trickle-down economics. Like the country song says: It felt so good when it stopped hurting.

Now I approach the Clinton presidency with my heart full of hope, my fingers crossed ... but my eyes wide open.

Start with that inaugural. It was great to see Democrats dancing again! But what were AT&T, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, IBM, and those other barons of Wall Street doing there? It turns out, they paid for the President s party $20 million. And they looked like they d come to stay.

Look at Clinton s Big Five economic appointments: Bentsen, Rubin, Altman, Panetta, and Rivlin. Sounds like a Wall Street firm, doesn t it?

Clinton s Chief-of-Staff and his Energy Secretary came from utility companies. The Commerce Secretary and the CIA Director both were big-time corporate lobbyists. Nine of Clinton s 15 Cabinet members are millionaires more millionaires than Bush or even Reagan had. Every Clinton cabinet member had income above $100,000 last year.

Now, these folks might look like America, but they don t live like America. I wish there d been at least one Cabinet appointee who actually needed the job.

All of this simply says, we can t crank back our La-Z-Boys to full prone, pop a tall, cool one, and relax, thinking Ol Bill s going to take care of everything for us.

If we re going to get the kind of Progressive change that Clinton promised, we ve got to be Aggressive, appealing to Clinton s own good populist roots and progressive heart.

This is Jim Hightower saying, you can t make butter without a churn. With Clinton, we ve at least got some cream to work with, but we ve got to do some serious churning out here in the countryside.

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