Economic Recovery: Cheerleading Instead of Leading

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Mon., 1/24/94 Bookmark and Share

It's claimed that economists are people who draw a mathematically precise line from an unwarranted assumption to a foregone conclusion.

Well that's what's at work in these monthly surveys of [quote] "consumer confidence" that the White House, Wall Street and the... [read more]

Bill Clinton in Camouflage

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 1/21/94 Bookmark and Share

Did you see that picture of President Clinton all dressed up in his new hunting outfit? What a sight!

He had his waders on, camouflage gear, a borrowed 12-guage, a duck-call strung around his neck [quack-quack] and two board members... [read more]

Wet-Cleaning Instead of Dry-Cleaning

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 1/20/94 Bookmark and Share

I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to learn that a watermelon is 93 percent water, but did you know that a carrot is 91 percent water?

Things are not always what they seem.

For example, I've just learned that "dry-cleaning"... [read more]

The Black Hole of the Black Budget

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Wed., 1/19/94 Bookmark and Share

Do you know what a Black Hole is in outer space?

Well, me either really, but I gather it's some incredibly dense mass with a gravitational pull so awesome that not only does it suck up all the stars around it,... [read more]

Detroit is Japan

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Tue., 1/18/94 Bookmark and Share

A fifth-grade student wrote in a class essay: "I have enjoyed my boyhood so much that I am looking forward to my adultery."

Well, if you read the business pages of your paper -- where all the juicy corporate shenanigans... [read more]

The Movement Behind Martin Luther King

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Mon., 1/17/94 Bookmark and Share

For me, this is a day to think about heroes. It's our day of national recognition of Martin Luther King's lifelong struggle for racial and economic justice.

This is an ancient struggle -- one in which, as Dr. King fully... [read more]