What Alexandria Johnson Told Bill Clinton About His Plan to Cut Library Funding

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 5/13/94 Bookmark and Share

Here's an interesting fact: even in the depths of the Great Depression, not a single library in America was forced to close its doors. Think about that.

Banks closed, right and left. Factories folded. But these little... [read more]

Michael Milkin Tries to Buy a New Image

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Mark Twain said, "Virtue has never been as respectable as money." Or, as Ruth Ann down at the Chat & Chew Cafe puts it: "Being rich is about the best deodorant there is."

Well, hold your nose, because here... [read more]

Top Corporate Executives: The Love of Money

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Did you make $78,000 last year? Probably not -- less than five percent of Americans make that much.

But Michael Eisner, top dog at the Disney entertainment conglomerate, made $78,000 -- not for the year, not for a month or... [read more]

Lawmakers Make a Bundle on Health Care Reform

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Whether or not our lawmakers get around to passing any real health care reform for us this year, the issue has already proven to be very healthy indeed for them.

Some members are getting fatter than a butcher's dog as... [read more]

An Economic Recovery for Whom?

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When told that the mayor of Dublin, Ireland, was Jewish, Yogi Berra shook his head and said: Only in America.

Well, only in America would more than 3,000 citizens each business day be losing their jobs while The Powers... [read more]

Living Downstream From a Corporate Hog Factory

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Old cowboys used to say: "Always drink upstream from the herd."

Good advice!

Well, today -- from North Carolina to Colorado, from Alaska to Texas -- this bit of cowboy wisdom has become a serious matter for folks living in rural towns.... [read more]