The Right to Know if BGH Has Been Added to Your Babies Milk

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The tomato is actually a fruit, but tariff collectors in New York declared it a vegetable in the 1890s. It seems they had no tax on fruits, but they had one vegetables so . . . [Echo] Presto... [read more]

Hemp: A Natural High for America s Economy

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It was Willie Nelson who first suggested to me that Hemp is "not just for breakfast anymore" [I'd have to be crazy, plumb out of my mind . . . "].

Yes, we're singing here about that species called cannabis, marijuana,... [read more]

Time to Start Kicking America s Chemical Habit

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Two pirates hadn't seen each other in some time. When they met, one exclaimed: "My God, what happened to you?"

"Well," he said, "I lost my leg to a shark so I've got this peg leg; then I lost... [read more]

Madison Avenue Taps Into Workers Real Fears

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Did you know that to celebrate Halloween over in Hungary, it's common for employees to go to work dressed as their bosses? [Good Halloween scary sound]

Now that's spooky.

Well our own workplace is a pretty spooky scene these days, too, with... [read more]

Trickle-Down Morality

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As some wit once noted: The difficulty of teaching manners to children lies in finding any good examples among adults.

Well, I'm not talking here about table manners, but about knowing right from wrong, about taking responsibility for one's actions.

Unfortunately, too... [read more]

Hey, C.I.A.: Get a Grip

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When Casey Stengel managed the bumbling New York Mets in 1962, he once asked in exasperation: "Can't nobody here play this game?"

Well, am I the only one who suspects that the '62 Mets are now running our CIA?

OK, Moles can... [read more]