13 Democratic senators say “Nuts to you.”

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Mon., 7/27/15 Bookmark and Share

By a one-vote margin, the US Senate passed “fast-track” authority, in June to expedite passage of the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, which will export beaucoup more of our country’s middle-class jobs. That’s the kind of... [read more]

Doug Hughes: Protecting democracy from plutocrats

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 7/24/15 Bookmark and Share

The price of liberty is said to be eternal vigilance. But just being watchful rarely does anything to stop the theft of our rights. Instead, the real price of liberty is open defiance – the... [read more]

Why a New Jersey puffer fish should not be president

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 7/23/15 Bookmark and Share

When Mitt Romney was considering who might be his 2012 running mate, each prospect was given a fish-themed code name. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, known as a tireless self-promoter with a bloated ego, was... [read more]

Millions (of dollars) welcome Eric Holder home

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Novelist Thomas Wolfe famously wrote: "You can't go home again." But Eric Holder has proven him wrong.

Holder, who was President Obama's Attorney General until stepping down earlier this year, recently... [read more]

The latest Son of a Bush has a plan to make you richer

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Let's hear it for Jeb!

Bush that is. Maybe the other Republican presidential seekers will stick with their mopey and dopey negative attacks against Barack Obama's economic policies, but Jeb Bush... [read more]

You, too, can be part of Scott Walker's inner circle

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If you think that none of today's presidential candidates care about people like you, check out Republican Scott Walker.

The Wisconsin governor not only cares, he wants to sit down with... [read more]