A thousand cuts

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Tue., 9/22/15 Bookmark and Share

While our presidents praise America's magnificent national park system, they're not maintaining them. Bill Clinton, for example, spoke of how lucky he was to have Hot Springs National Park as a childhood playground. Yet he... [read more]

"Non-candidate" campaigns dominate 2016 presidential race

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Once upon a time in our Good Ol' USofA, presidential contenders and their political parties raised the funds needed to make the race. How quaint.

For... [read more]

Superrich donors turn our democracy into their plutocracy

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 9/18/15 Bookmark and Share

The problem with the GOP presidential debates is that the wrong people are on stage.

Sure, Bush, Cruz, Walker, and gang are the candidates, but the driving forces in this election... [read more]

Wisconsin governor bets on corporate scam with tax dollars

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One gamble that's a more certain loser than throwing your money at Las Vegas casinos is letting public officials throw our tax dollars into building new stadiums for profiteering owners of sports teams.

... [read more]

It's time to free students from higher-ed debt

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In the 1960s, I attended the University of North Texas, a public school blessed with good teachers and an educational culture focused on enabling us students to become socially useful citizens. And it was affordable... [read more]

Scott Walker's goofy wall idea

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Donnie Trump is said to be the goofiest presidential pretender in the GOP stable – but, after all, he is a professional, made-for-TV stuntman, so his P.T. Barnum political shtick is no surprise.

... [read more]