Why "Babe" was my boyhood sports hero

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 12/26/14 Bookmark and Share

I recently addressed a rather odd topic for an audience of political progressives: "Who was your sports hero growing up?

Of course, sports today is very political – from billionaire team... [read more]


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This special day got me to thinking about America's spirit of giving, and I don't mean this overdone business of Christmas gifts. I mean our true spirit of giving -- giving of ourselves.

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Merry Christmas, right-wingers, The Red Pope, and Jesus

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Here's a twist on Christmas that would make Jesus weep.

First, a right-wing faction in the US has been wringing its hands over a hokey cultural "crisis" cooked up by the... [read more]

The continuing shame of the CIA's torture program

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For a clue into how out-of-control, un-American, and just plain wrong our CIA's torture program was, note the frantic and furious reactions by the CIA establishment to reports about its torturous cruelty.

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Wall Street And Congress perform legislative acrobatics

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Congress, which has been so tied up in a partisan knot by right-wing extremists that it has been unable to move, suddenly sprang loose at the end of the year and put on a phenomenal... [read more]

Big Beer deceivers and bullies

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It's bad enough that the goliaths of Big Beer are consuming each other in a new round of mega-mergers, meaning fewer choices and higher prices for consumers – but the really bad news is that... [read more]