Don’t shut the post office, expand their services

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Tue., 2/25/14 Bookmark and Share

What's the matter with the post office?

The US Postal Service, I mean – the corporate hierarchy that runs this enormously popular public institution. Yes, I know that USPS has lost... [read more]

Tom Perkins speaks. Again

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The überrich are full of ideas. Not, unfortunately, ideas to help humanity, but to help themselves grab more money and power at our expense.

Take Tom Perkins. He's one of... [read more]

Luxury buyers lead the way to economic recovery

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Who says the economy is down and that consumers aren't willing to spend, spend, spend in order to stimulate new economic growth?

The problem with gloomy economists and skittish policymakers... [read more]

The superrich literally live in their own world

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Attention class: Today's word is "fractal inequality."

Okay, that's a phrase, not a word, and a very wonky one. It means "uneven inequality," but the unevenness refers not to the relatively... [read more]

The what-abouts and whereabouts of Sen. Pat Roberts

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If a politician clings to office too long, a couple of bad things can happen: The constituency can change and suddenly yank the comfy rug of incumbency out from under the politico, or the office... [read more]

The psychic pain borne by the rich

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One thing about the tea party Republicans in Congress is that they do know who butters their biscuits. Several have recently rushed forward with an anguished plea in defense of Wall Street barons, CEOs, and... [read more]