Buy local beer, books… and why not seafood?

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In case you don't have enough to worry about, consider "early mortality syndrome."

Sounds gruesomely lethal, doesn't it? Luckily, this is not a human disease, nor has it struck America –... [read more]

Obama's Thanksgiving pardon of Republican turkeys

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Thanksgiving – a time of grace and family sharing – will get an extra bit of grace from the White House this year.

Just as every president since Lincoln has done,... [read more]

America's good food movement

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What better day than Thanksgiving to celebrate our country’s food rebels!
I’m talking about the growing movement of small farmers, food artisans, local retailers, co-ops, community organizers, restaurateurs, environmentalists, consumers, and others – perhaps including... [read more]

The Walmartizaton of Thanksgiving

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Everyone from the Obama family in the White House to my little family in Texas will take a deserved pause from the unrelenting intensity of work on Thanksgiving Day. But millions will not get a... [read more]

Wall Street speculators are walling off young farmers

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Gabillionaires who invest in hedge funds generally have the ethical and aesthetic sensibilities of dirt clods. As far as they care, fund managers can put their money into skunk pelt futures – as long as... [read more]

Synthetic food: Our future doesn't taste good

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Armed with hefty grants from the Pentagon, squads of corporate and governmental food technologists are on a mission to supplant nature with a great leap forward in the Brave New World of synthetic foodstuffs.

... [read more]