Trying to pervert consumer protection into corporate protection

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The giants of food manufacturing are very concerned about you. They fear you could come down with a terrible plague called "consumer confusion" – and these selfless corporate entities are going all out to save... [read more]

There are no stops on Ted Cruz's ego trip

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Let's go Cruzing again! It's always a trip to cruise down the narrow roads and hard right turns of Sen. Ted Cruz's mind – a place so dark that no light has ever penetrated it.

... [read more]

America's Populism

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Tue., 2/25/14
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Last week, I had a chance to discuss America's populism in a great interview on Ring of Fire Radio with Mike Papantonio. Here's the video segment of that interview. Enjoy!

Don’t shut the post office, expand their services

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What's the matter with the post office?

The US Postal Service, I mean – the corporate hierarchy that runs this enormously popular public institution. Yes, I know that USPS has lost... [read more]

Tom Perkins speaks. Again

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The überrich are full of ideas. Not, unfortunately, ideas to help humanity, but to help themselves grab more money and power at our expense.

Take Tom Perkins. He's one of... [read more]

Luxury buyers lead the way to economic recovery

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Who says the economy is down and that consumers aren't willing to spend, spend, spend in order to stimulate new economic growth?

The problem with gloomy economists and skittish policymakers... [read more]