How hedge fund billionaires literally "check" the people's will

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 11/19/15 Bookmark and Share

Donnie Trump is for it, Barack Obama is too, as are Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

"It" is the idea of finally ending a ridiculous tax loophole that was written... [read more]

Why not televise the widening wealth gap?

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Wed., 11/18/15 Bookmark and Share

The debilitating spread of inequality between the superrich 1-percenters and America's downwardly mobile majority is of huge economic, political, and cultural significance to our country. So why is it largely ignored by the television media?... [read more]

Hijacking High Speed Rail hurts Americas future

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People like trains. Whether taking a long trip or making the daily commute, riding the rails, without the hassles of airports and the tensions of driving, can be the most sensible and pleasurable way to... [read more]

Obama says "We are writing the rules." Who's "we"?

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Gosh, Americans don't need enemies like China when we've got "protectors" like Obama.

In his pitch to get us to swallow that glob of global corporate greed known as the... [read more]

Let's break away from Black Friday Syndrome

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Imagine if retailers held a nationwide Super-Spectacular Sales Day – and no one came?

I don't mean customers, but that sales staff, cashiers, and even managers wouldn't show up to open... [read more]

Ultra-big houses for ultra-big egos

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The uber-rich like to collect trophies as proof of their unsurpassed uberness.

These are not like the tacky brass trophy you won in a bowling tournament. No, no – global ultra-billionaires... [read more]